Our Thinking

Below are the policies and beliefs we have published so far:

Key Beliefs

We are returning politics to the bedrock foundations of nation and community. Our focus is on ensuring that political decisions are made to promote our people’s well-being rather than individual interests or ideological agendas…

Nationalism Explained

The Nationalist worldview is the most natural political theory and the true champion of diversity. Our helpful Q&A at the bottom of the page dispels the common misconceptions….

Councillor Mission Statement

Our commitment is to prioritise the needs and well-being of our local community. Our statement covers key areas: Housing our people first, representation & public meetings, sensible planning, no money for woke ideology, cracking down on fake businesses, and localism…

Community Politics – The Route We Must Take

Our ethics at the Homeland Party encourage our people to be brave and active. We will not succeed unless patriots are confident in our worldview and happy to spread the word locally…

Community Care Policy

Our vision is rooted in traditional values, emphasizing quality care, community bonds, and local support. We aim to create a society where everyone is looked after and valued….

Environmental Policy

In our latest policy we seek to create a culture that is passionate about restoring and preserving the land for future generations; our policy is the real green solution….

Immigration Policy

The Homeland Party believes in the principal of a nation-state that preserves our cultural heritage and national identity. Our policies are centred around our beliefs and put the welfare of our people first at all times…

Political Reform Policy

The Homeland Party believes in self-determination for our people but the current electoral system does not achieve this. We believe radical reform is required in 3 main areas…

The Homeland Party has been formally founded

The Constitution of the Party

Firmly establishing our political direction, while providing us with a robust legal framework to ensure greater stability, transparency, and accountability as we collectively pursue our shared aims and objectives….

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