Community Care Policy

The Homeland Party believes in a state that supports traditional values and focuses on the well-being of our communities; putting our people first at all times. Our policies centre on the belief that such a relationship is essential for a thriving, high-trust society. We are committed to:

Local authority owned care homes

The privatised care system has become a national scandal rife with abuse, neglect and profiteering. Our party will take care homes into local authority ownership. Well-managed, locally owned care homes will ensure exceptional care for our elderly and vulnerable citizens. This approach guarantees better standards, training, and working conditions; reflecting our dedication to maintaining the communities well-being.

No resident will be required to sell their property or use their savings to pay for their residency. Such polices are wrong as they strip families of their generational wealth. Residents shall be means-tested on any income they receive and will pay a portion of that sum.

Lower council tax for households with dependents

We will alleviate financial pressure on families with children, elderly or disabled family members. Our policy is to reduce council tax rates for families with dependents, recognising the importance of supporting those in caregiver roles.

Home modification grants

When family members experience disability or reduced mobility they should still be able to live comfortably in their own home. Our policy includes grants for home modifications, making homes accessible and safe for elderly and disabled individuals.

Respite care services and training

Our Party is dedicated to implementing comprehensive training programs, ensuring that caregivers have the skills necessary to provide the best care possible. We will also create accessible respite care services that temporarily relieve caregivers, improving their quality of life while ensuring their loved ones continue to receive the proper care.

Intergenerational housing

The separation of different generations within the family creates fragmented communities where individuals suffer from loneliness and a lack of support.

We champion communities where our elders and families with children live alongside each other. This arrangement promotes mutual support, knowledge sharing, and strong unity among generations.

Elderly companion programs

We value the wisdom and experience of our elders. Our Party will establish programs connecting volunteers with elders in need of companionship. This exchange fosters meaningful relationships, alleviating loneliness, and enriching the lives of both parties.

Local volunteer networks

We support the establishment of volunteer networks that assist to those who require extra support. This neighbourly aid ensures that no one is left behind in times of need.

Community gardens

We recognise the well-being that closeness to nature brings to local communities. We support the growth of community gardens, cultivating plants and connections between people. These gardens will provide space for socialising, fostering a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.

The Homeland Party’s vision is rooted in traditional values, emphasizing quality care, community bonds, and local support. Through local authority owned care, lower council tax, intergenerational initiatives, volunteer networks, and support services, we aim to create a society where everyone is looked after and valued.

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