Councillor Mission Statement

As Councillors, our foremost commitment is to prioritise the needs and well-being of our local community. We are dedicated to:

Local Housing

Ensuring that our community’s residents have access to affordable and suitable housing is paramount. We will advocate for policies that prioritize housing opportunities for local people, helping to create a stable and thriving community.

Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

We are resolute in our efforts to create a safe and peaceful environment for all. By actively addressing the police and pushing for a focus on street level crime, we aim to foster a harmonious community where everyone feels at home.


Our party is firmly committed to safeguarding greenspaces against the encroachment of new construction projects. Through local activism, we strive for a sustainable future that honours our natural heritage and cultivates cleaner, healthier communities.

Lower Taxation

Recognizing the importance of financial well-being, we pledge to work diligently towards responsible budgeting and efficient spending. Our focus on lower taxation seeks to alleviate the burden on our residents while ensuring essential services remain accessible and effective.

We strive to achieve these goals, fostering a community where local people are put first, anti-social behaviour is minimised, financial stability is maintained and greenspaces are kept for future generations. Together, we shape a future that reflects the values and aspirations of our people.

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