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We are returning politics to the bedrock foundations of nation and community. Our focus is on ensuring that political decisions are made to promote our people’s well-being…. Read more

Nationalism explained

The Nationalist worldview is the most natural political theory and the true champion of diversity. Our helpful Q&A at the bottom of the page dispels the common misconceptions…. Read more

Environmental policy

In our latest policy we seek to create a culture that is passionate about restoring and preserving the land for future generations; our policy is the real green solution…. Read more



  • Activism in Deeping St Nicholas
    On the weekend, our activists were out in Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire spreading the message about keeping immigration in mind when voting. The mainstream parties know people are unhappy with immigration, they just hope we don’t hold their feet to the fire. It’s time for a change, time for something different, time for the Homeland… Read more: Activism in Deeping St Nicholas
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