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We are returning politics to the bedrock foundations of nation and community. Our focus is on ensuring that political decisions are made to promote our people’s well-being…. Read more

Nationalism explained

The Nationalist worldview is the most natural political theory and the true champion of diversity. Our helpful Q&A at the bottom of the page dispels the common misconceptions…. Read more

Councillor mission statement

Our foremost commitment is to prioritise the needs and well-being of our local community, ensuring the safety and security necessary for families to nurture and raise children… Read more


  • SNP, the NHS cult and Nationalism.
    As we approach the general election, we have been treated to two seven-way debates with representatives from Reform UK, The Conservatives, Labour, the Lib Dems, the Greens, Plaid, and the SNP. Several subjects were discussed during the debates, from Immigration to the NHS. I want to focus on the latter briefly. The most interesting exchanges… Read more: SNP, the NHS cult and Nationalism.


  • Litter picking in Atherstone
    On the weekend, a team of activists were out in Atherstone, West Midlands, on a litter pick. As you will see from the photos, there was a lot of mess to clear up. But our team have done a cracking job here. A bit of volunteering, a bit of sacrifice of time and effort, it… Read more: Litter picking in Atherstone
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