Key Beliefs

The Homeland Party is returning politics to the bedrock foundations of nation and community. Our focus is on ensuring that political decisions are made to promote our people’s well-being rather than individual interests or ideological agendas. That is the core of Nationalism, the most natural form of politics.

We are dedicated to bringing about democratic change, which is often obstructed by the old gang parties. Our plans are centred around the needs of the people we serve. From community care to the environment, economy, and much-needed political reform, we will work tirelessly to build a future for our children rooted in fairness and justice.

“At the Homeland Party, our mission is clear: to put our people first and bring back sensible Nationalism through community politics. It is our intention to re-engage people back into the political process by giving a voice back to people who are alienated and abandoned by the establishment.”

– Kenny Smith, Party Chairman

The following aims & objectives are enshirined in our Constitution. Together they define the key beliefs & aspirations of our Party and its members…


1. We affirm that the traditional family constitutes the cornerstone of society, fostering high-trust and interconnected communities and nations. Our aim is to advocate for and enact policies that ensure the safety and security necessary for families to nurture and raise children.

2. We assert that indigenous people have an inseparable bond with their homeland and are its natural stewards. Our aim is to advocate for and enact policies that safeguard the people, wildlife, plant life, soil and sea collectively from pollution, invasion and destruction.

3. We affirm it is right and proper for the people to demand fair living conditions from both local and national government. Our aim is to advocate for and enact policies that prioritise improvement in housing, healthcare, education and employment over profit for the few.

4. We assert that the indigenous people of these islands are endowed with inalienable rights and liberties. Our aim is to advocate for and enact policies that secure these ancient rights through the application of natural law, jurisprudence and principle of equality before the law.

5. We assert that Nationalism, as defined by the Party, represents the most natural worldview. Our aim is to advocate for its key principles and to enact policies that prioritise the well-being of our people over internationalist, economic and progressive ideologies.

The key principles of Nationalism are as follows:

  1. self-determination;
  2. jus sanguinis;
  3. nation-state;
  4. ethnic identity;
  5. homeland.

You can learn more by reading Nationalism Explained.

  1. The Party’s primary objective is to stand candidates primarily at local elections in England, Scotland and Wales.
  2. The Party’s secondary objective is to engage in other forms of community politics, not necessarily connected to elections.
  3. The Party’s tertiary objective is the encouragement and promotion of recreational activities for Party Members and supporters.
  4. The Party’s long-term objective is the formation of local and national governments.
  5. The Party shall seek to redefine local authority boundaries to better represent the people and to devolve more power to a local level.
  6. The Party shall assist in establishing of parish and community councils where none currently exist.
The Homeland Party invites all those who share this vision for a nation-focused, community-oriented, and rational Nationalist agenda to join us as we strive for a better future. This movement is not just a political change but a promise to revitalise communities and protect the unique identity of the peoples of these islands.
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