Key Beliefs

The Homeland Party is a new prospective political party. Our five key beliefs are:


We believe the most important unit in society is the traditional family. Society should be geared towards the promotion of traditional values and creating a safe place to raise children.


We believe in the ideal of a monocultural, high trust community where people help their neighbours. Our political solution is community politics with the aim of being elected to serve the community. This means we also engage in many other forms of community campaigning which are not necessarily connected with electoral activity. Our Party encourages and promotes many forms of recreational activity for Party Members and supporters.


We believe in the principle of a nation-state that truly represents the interests of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people, which preserves their cultural heritage and national identities. We promote a balanced and respectful account of our national histories. We believe in the right to self-determination for all the European peoples.


This is our homeland and we should look after it. We believe the countryside should be managed and protected by those who best understand the land and have put down roots. The environment in which we all live should be protected from the ravages of over-population, the new building projects, and pollution that goes with it. Our natural resources should be conserved and harnessed for the benefit of our peopleand not be exploited by big business.


It will be our government’s policy to ensure that the economy and private industry are run for the benefit of our people, not multinational corporations or international finance. We should become less reliant on foreign imports and more self-sufficient, to maintain a sustainable domestic market of local produce and meaningful work.

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