Author name: Dave Gardner

Earliest black Briton – wasn’t

A plaque in East Sussex claiming to be the location where Britain’s first black woman lived has been removed. Why? Well, DNA analysis suggests she wasn’t black. She was more likely of Cypriot origin. Surprised? I certainly wasn’t. This nonsense whereby we have to pretend that blacks have always lived in Britain is nothing new. …

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When is a New Scot, not a New Scot?

Well, whenever they specifically decide so. In a story that’s flown under the radar this month, SNP councillor Kairin Van Sweeden has resigned from the SNP after she called Labour councillor Deena Tissera a “New Scot.” This comment rattled the Sri Lankan, who said the remarks were “nothing less than racism.” She also called for …

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Establishment teeth

We have seen every excuse under the sun for why we can’t ever remove any foreign national from our nation. No matter what the crime. The vilest sex offenders, the mass murderers, Islamic terrorists, fraudsters, no matter what they have done, we cannot remove foreign people from our shores. It’s against their human rights. Unless …

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Democracy – but only for the left

So, “journalists” at the Ferret have run another hit piece on myself and Simon about our involvement with local community councils. I put the quotation marks around the word journalist because these chaps are about as journalistically qualified as myself, never leaving the house to do anything remotely journalist esq. Instead, they sit online, getting …

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BLM Fraud

To the shock and horror of probably no one, a woman who helped organise the BLM protests to remove the Edward Colston statue in Bristol in 2020 has been found guilty of fraud. Yvonne Maina, who changed her name to Xahra Saleem, will be sentenced at the end of October. She initially denied the accusation …

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The New Cold War

It’s sometimes hard to take almost anything our politicians say seriously; they lie and run false flags on so many things that you often wonder what they are trying to stop you from doing or noticing. The latest in a long, long line of these plays comes in the form of Tobias Ellwood, who has …

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