Lower than a tabloid

Lower than a tabloid! Max Kendix from The Times refuses to print our responses to Hope Not Hate and their pet ‘expert’, which were: “Extremists are anti-democratic and promote violence; we are strongly opposed to extremism. Left-wing pressure groups like ‘Hope Not Hate’ seek to deny Nationalists access to the democratic system, and their demonisation […]

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Democracy – but only for the left

So, “journalists” at the Ferret have run another hit piece on myself and Simon about our involvement with local community councils. I put the quotation marks around the word journalist because these chaps are about as journalistically qualified as myself, never leaving the house to do anything remotely journalist esq. Instead, they sit online, getting

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Once again, the residents of Erskine have voiced their discontent and opposition to the settlement of migrants in their vicinity. Over the last eight months, these admirable individuals have demonstrated immense grit and resilience in the face of adversity. Throughout this period, they have remained steadfast and unwavering. At the same time, the duplicitous politicians

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Beverley Turner

GB news presenter criticised over “conspiracy theory”

TV presenter Beverley Turner has been condemned by Jewish groups about a now deleted “dangerous” tweet, which was screen-shotted by the Jewish Chronicle, in which she suggested that COVID 19 had been bio engineered to destroy the West and had been engineered to cause less harm to certain ethnicities. The GB News host also linked

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Challenging the press

Homeland Party hasn’t formally launched yet, and already the lying press is slandering us. An article recently published by The National accused the party of having “neo-Nazis and fascists”, and erroneously claimed that its inaugural meeting was held on April 20th to commemorate Hitler’s birthday. The source of these claims was Red Flare, a Marxist

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