Highly Skilled Migrant.

We are often told by politicians and the deranged left that we need migrants in this country. Apparently, we need their doctors and engineers to keep our society going. And this has ALWAYS been shown to be false. In reality, we have little to no need for migration into our nations. It’s not just that these people don’t improve our country or aren’t qualified; they often hate us.

This is the case with Nigerian student Somtochukwu Okwuoha. Now, Mr Okwuoha was a master’s student in “International Energy Studies,” whatever that even means, at Dundee University. And what’s so bad about this chap? Well, he threatened to bomb the university.

He had said that he had a military background, was capable of making bombs and would unleash a virus on the city. “Expect a massive bomb explosion at the University of Dundee. I have contacted ISIS terrorists to plant bombs on campus. I can assure you staff and students will die in great numbers. 9/11 will be a joke compared to what will happen. Blood will spill, and flesh will be scattered.” He seems like a lovely lad, doesn’t he?

Now, granted, this could, and probably is, a load of nonsense. It’s doubtful this man can do any of what he said. However, the fact that he is making the threat should be addressed. Nor should the fact that he seems to have a major issue with us Scots.

As with a lot of these hateful types, he accused the accommodations officer at the university of racism. And apparently, he was going to wipe out the Scots as revenge.

What a strength to have him in Dundee, and what a major coup for the SNP to have such a first-rate international student over here, sharing his culture and wisdom.

He has also threatened to detonate bombs that he had planted around the campus and to behead police officers. This man has some issues. And he has no love for our people, only hatred. His threats may be bogus, but he has tied up time and resources and created an atmosphere of fear.

Quite simply, this is not good enough. He is currently behind bars in Perth prison, and it is being suggested he might be deported. Why there is even a remote possibility that he might not be is beyond me. Why do we have to tolerate this? Why do we have to pay for three square meals a day for a man who will cry “racism” at every opportunity? And why do we have to face the fact that he might somehow avoid deportation and be allowed to remain here? In my opinion, he should have already been back in his homeland.

An honest government concerned for its people would have ensured he was gone the second a guilty verdict was returned. Unfortunately, we have the SNP to run the show up here, and you know there will be people affiliated with the party who will insist he is given another chance or blame the Scots for making him feel this way.

It’s time for the majority to stand firm and say, “No more!” We deserve to live safely in our homeland. We shouldn’t have to live with people like this.

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