West Midlands

Solo litter-pick

In an age of global connectivity, it’s easy to forget the profound impact we can have on our local communities. Today, one of our West Midlands activists helped clean a local park, showing how organised volunteering can lead to positive results. Litter-picking is a simple yet powerful act. It is a shining example of how …

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Leamington Spa Litter Pick

Cleaner streets and public spaces are essential, and for our community activists, nothing is more important than making a difference in our neighbourhoods. This week, volunteers from the West Midlands visited Leamington Spa to litter-pick the local parks in the centre. By picking up litter, we improve the environment and foster community. This small act …

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Banner drop

West Midlands activists took to the busy M6 this week and demonstrated to motorists Homeland Party’s community message: Put our people first! Banner drops serve as a visual reminder of a nation’s identity, history, and values, fostering a sense of unity and pride among our people through simple yet effective messaging. Well received, it was …

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Dunchurch Banner

This Saturday, after canvassing and listening to the concerns of village residents, activists from the West Midlands participated in a flash demo in opposition to a hotel in Dunchurch housing migrants, receiving positive feedback from local residents. The hotel in question began housing these migrants against the opposition of the council and made alterations to …

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Cannock banner-drop

Activists from the Midlands were out in Cannock for a banner-drop, signalling a bold message, Put our people first. Motorists passing by honked in the dozens in support of the message displayed, showing that many are conscious of the plight we here in England face.

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