Staffordshire leafleting.

Today, in Staffordshire, a group of dedicated activists from the West Midlands region were out in force, distributing leaflets to draw attention to the increasingly pressing issue of overdevelopment of our land. The group’s main objective was to raise awareness about the negative impact of uncontrolled and unsustainable development on our natural environment and the …

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Out in Cradley in the Black Country.

Three of our team, including Chairman Kenny Smith, were out in Cradley in the Black Country. The lads distributed 800 new Immigration Referendum leaflets on this fine dry day. The area was chosen given a recent spike in enquiries from the area. Our team in the West Midlands is very active in political and social …

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#DundeeNeglect leaflets.

“Today, our activists delivered over 400 of our #DundeeNeglect leaflets. Our public services have been underfunded for too long, and our communities have been ignored by establishment politicians who are only too happy to make big promises come election season but always fail to deliver when in office. Our elected representatives like Chris Law and …

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The local council had stopped collecting rubbish.

After being informed that his local council had stopped collecting rubbish, leaving litter to blow all over a popular park, one of our activists decided to head out and clean it up himself. A crucial aspect of community politics is about setting an example for a people whom the incompetence of successive governments has left …

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