Challenging the press

Homeland Party hasn’t formally launched yet, and already the lying press is slandering us.

An article recently published by The National accused the party of having “neo-Nazis and fascists”, and erroneously claimed that its inaugural meeting was held on April 20th to commemorate Hitler’s birthday. The source of these claims was Red Flare, a Marxist volunteer group, who have a reputation of passing off their ill-informed opinions and speculation as fact. They also have a record of targeting and harassing law-abiding citizens.

The inaugural meeting of Homeland was actually held on the 19th April, and we strenuously deny the false allegations of being “Hitler worshippers” and having “dangerous elements” made by Red Flare. A request for clarification was submitted to The National and they have since edited the article to reflect the facts.

If these far-left propaganda outlets had the integrity to undertake thorough fact-finding exercises and research, as a real journalist would, they wouldn’t be left with egg on their face. We can only assume it’s difficult to be truthful when you have an agenda to push.

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