The collapse of the SNP

The SNP under the stewardship of Humza Yousaf has continued its downward trend with yet another damaging revelation for supporters. Just when you thought this party was going to be running a more open and righteous campaign, they’ve now come out and said that all donations to support the push for ‘IndyRef 2’ are not going to be refunded, even if no such campaign actually takes place.

The idea of ‘independence’ seems to be the only consistent thing about the SNP these days, but thanks to the latest admission by Mr Yousaf, the words ‘corruption’ and ‘greed’ seem to be following close behind.

How can any government or political group accept donations for a specific goal and then tell the paying public that they might not bother attempting to achieve said goal but that they will keep all the money? All the while being in the middle of a mass fraud scandal.

To add to this absolute circus, the recently questioned, and now former treasurer of the SNP, Colin Beattie, has said that he knew all about the expensive motorhome in 2021. The same one that leader Nicola Sturgeon knew nothing about, even though it was parked at her husband’s parents’ house.

So the party is leaking big names left and right, their amazing leader has been caught struggling to tell us if a rapist is a male or female, people are being arrested, their lies are coming undone, and their auditors have decided to cut ties with them.

And this party is the most popular party in Scotland?

The Scots deserve better in their Homeland.

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