Money talks.

A Tory party donor has apologised for saying Diane Abbott makes him hate all black women!

Frank Hester, who has donated over £10 million to the conservatives, has said his comments had nothing to do with her gender or race.

A spokesperson for the prime minister said. “The comments allegedly made by Frank Hester were racist and wrong.

“He has rightly apologised for the offence caused, and where remorse is shown, it should be accepted”.

“The prime minister is clear there is no place for racism in public life, and as the first British-Asian prime minister leading one of the most ethnically diverse Cabinets in our history, the UK is living proof of that fact.”

At a briefing for journalists shortly before noon, the prime minister’s spokesperson said Mr Hester’s words were “unacceptable” without specifying why.

Tory MP Kemi Badenoch described the comments as “racist” but welcomed his apology and called for “space for forgiveness”.

Asked repeatedly if Rishi Sunak would describe the words as racist, the prime minister’s spokeswoman said she would not get into “further characterisation”.

Hester has also phoned Ms Abbott to apologise, with the Hackney MP responding by saying as a “single woman”, she was already “vulnerable” when walking or taking a bus in her constituency.

Abbott’s odd response aside, it must be noted that Sunak and other top Tories have been reserved in their condemnation of a large donor. The public will again witness a distasteful and embarrassing debate in the halls of power, where our representatives are supposed to govern the nation. This debate will be filled with self-loathing and self-indulgent attacks that are essentially private and personal in nature. This again displays our politicians’ utter contempt for the public as they argue over matters that help nobody.

And here lies the problems in our political system and, to a lesser degree, in the nationalist sphere: money talks, brings influence, and gets your opinion listened to. If an underling at a Tory MP constituency office had made these comments, they’d probably have been arrested. If an MP had said it, they’d have the whip removed, but the donor gets an easy ride in the excellent boy public school philosophy of “free to those who can afford it, very expensive to those who can’t.”

Unlike the mainstream political parties and even smaller parties whose leaders are influenced by donors, the Homeland Party will not take money from big donors who insist we talk about one thing but not the other. We will not be swayed from our main focus and worldview by cash, not now, not never. We are committed to restoring the principle of public service.

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