Preston leafleting.

This weekend the Homeland party was out leafletting in Preston raising awareness for an Immigration Referendum. For decades now every government on both sides of the political divide have campaigned on lowering immigration. The current government was elected in part on the promises they made of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands. In the last 12 months alone 1.4 million people immigrated into our country, 1.2 million the year before, and 1 million the year previous to that.

Obviously these promises have not been kept. Our push for an immigration referendum will be an integral part of holding the government to account and making them halt all migration into our country. Britain is full and it is our core belief that this is our nation and the unmitigated disaster that is our porous borders is eroding our nation, way of life, and safety of our people. Join the push back by joining up and helping us to stand up for our people and our communities.

We were joined on the day by two patriots, Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton, with a long history of positive campaigning in Preston. We leafleted in Ribbleton ward where Mark polled 16% as an independent in 2021 beating both the LibDems and Greens.
The team got a positive reception and were actually joined for a pint at a local by a resident who had received one of our leaflets. There is a big potential support base for us in Lancashire and we are actively seeking new members who will step forward to become community leads in Preston. Join the team and let’s win back our communities.

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