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Supreme Court ruled Rwanda deportations are unlawful.

The UK has a long history of the Supreme Court aligning with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rulings. However, since the Brexit vote, there has been a growing dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court’s decisions. The issue is not just about the Court’s legal interpretations but rather its sovereignty. Many progressive thinkers argue that …

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A greener Dundee

Today, our team made a great effort towards preserving the environment by distributing 500 leaflets in Dundee to raise awareness about taking steps towards a greener future. Afterwards, they treated themselves to some protein shakes, followed by a weightlifting session. As nationalists, we believe in improving ourselves and our country.

Kegworth says NO

Homeland Party activists joined with the people of Kegworth over the weekend to protest using the Yew Tree Hotel to house migrants. Since February, the hotel has been hosting around two hundred migrants, and that number is steadily increasing. The quaint town of Kegworth has been caught in a heated debate regarding the prospect of …

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Buxton survey

Yesterday, the Homeland Party surveyed Buxton locals to determine if they wanted migrants housed in High Peak Halls. The University of Derby is determined to turn its halls of residence into migrant accommodation, which could house almost 300 migrants – this would be in a town of just 20,000 people! After initially withdrawing the application …

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“Crooked” immigration lawyers

The Home Office has officially launched a new task force; the task force will be responsible for collecting evidence to build more robust cases against ‘crooked’ immigration lawyers. The GOV.UK website states, ‘ We are stepping up action to support regulatory action and prosecution of unscrupulous lawyers, with a new dedicated taskforce and tougher sentences.’ …

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