The Party held its first AGM

On the 30th of September 2023, the Homeland Party held its first Annual General Meeting, which was broadcast live to all members.

This included a speech from our Chairman, Kenny Smith and our Nominating Officer, Anthony Burrows. In line with our constitutional commitment to transparency with our members, our Treasurer, Jerome O’Reilly, presented a detailed report on the Party’s finances, explaining where funds come from and where they are spent, along with proposals for improvement. This report was unanimously approved by a ballot of the members present.

We also had a Q&A panel, where the members could put questions directly to the National Council and receive full and frank responses. Questions ranged from topics such as how to go about becoming a councillor to dealing with politics in the workplace.

Our Party is committed to the route of community politics, providing genuine political representation at a local level. The openness we have with our members is the same openness our councillors will have with the public and is built on trust.

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