The Erskine Says No Protest Continues

The Homeland Party have continued to organise the weekly #ErskineSaysNo demonstration outside the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel in Erskine. Dedicated activists from Homeland like Si Crane spend up to 8 hours travelling in, liaising with the police, and setting up banners, gazebos, tea, coffee and snacks to ensure the local residents of Erskine can have their say in a safe and productive environment.

Despite the poor weather this Sunday, a large number of locals and Homeland activists came out to show their opposition to the housing of nearly 200 unvetted migrants in the small community. The two-and-a-half month long campaign is showing no signs of stopping, with a dedicated core of Erskine residents pushing for the hotel plans to be scrapped at the protests on Sundays, within the community, and in front of MPs, MSPs and local councillors.

Activists and Locals warmed up and dried off with tea and cakes under the Homeland gazebos.

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