Man jailed for racist abuse!

A man from Yorkshire has been jailed for 14 months for hurling racist and misogynistic abuse at women on two separate flights into the UK. Mohammed Shiraz Riaz, 42, fat-shamed an air stewardess and called her a ‘f…ing white b****’ during a nightmare journey from Marrakesh, Morocco.

Despite being arrested and bailed to face trial, car valeter Riaz was able to book a second flight to Istanbul and, on the way back to Manchester, hurled a torrent of sexist and racist abuse towards cabin crew, fellow passengers, police and female airport officials.

When he was thrown off the plane, he unleashed a volley of abuse at a female Border Force official, saying: ‘You f-ing b* I bet you didn’t get your leg over last night. You need a good s**g.’

And as he was led away to the cells, Riaz shouted: F* you slag – I’ll punch your f*ing head in’.

As he was placed in a police van, he went on: ‘No wonder it’s so easy for us to rape your white children – you’re all a bunch of pussies. You f-ing s**g, fat-a c**t. White women are easy to rape. White children are easy to rape because white men are pussies.’

Riaz had a string of 30 offences on his record for drink-related thuggery, including assault on police and being drunk and disorderly.
Riaz is now exactly where he deserves to be, for the next 14 months at least, but no doubt we shall see this paragon of enrichment back on our streets in no time. He is probably languishing in his cell right now, laughing at the guy who got ten years for a few spicy PDFs off the internet.

What is very telling, though, is the total contempt he and we imagine so many others like him have for ordinary British people. He is correct when he says our children are easy to rape, and our men are weak.
Our men, by and large, are weak-willed; some may talk the talk, but few are men of action, and why are they like it? Why do they shy away even when tens, if not thousands, of our girls have been groomed and raped?

Riaz knows, and so does his ilk. They understand that these men he refers to as pussies, men whose great grandfathers stormed beaches under machine gun fire, are now so fearful of the word racist that the likes of Riaz can become a British citizen and exploit that privilege.

Our people are hamstrung with guilt about colonialism, slavery or some other thing that has nothing to do with us in 2023. They are terrified to look up long, let alone speak up, and the likes of Mohammed Riaz can openly play on this.

He and others don’t hold British people in contempt because of our colonial past or because of the imaginary racism they all suffer or our alleged white privilege. No, these people have contempt for us because they have mistaken our kindness for weakness, and as the years have rolled by, tolerance has become subjugation, and It has to end.

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