Immigrants are to be given incentives to live in rural Scotland.

A SNP proposal will see immigrants supported to live in our Islands and rural areas.

The latest ‘Building a New Scotland’ prospectus paper focuses on migration in an independent Scotland and sets out how a new Live in Scotland Visa would help to address depopulation in rural areas.

The National Records of Scotland show that by 2045, our population will have shrunk to 5.39 million from a peak of 5.48 million in 2028.

The proposed initiatives will be piloted in particular areas to help migrants settle in rural and island communities. Migration minister Emma Roddick said: ‘Migrants already make a vital contribution to Scotland’s economy, society and culture, particularly in rural and island areas’.

‘With independence, we can test exciting new ways to attract and support people to make their lives in Scotland’.

‘This includes activity in particular geographical areas as part of our Live in Scotland Visa to support people with a wide range of skills and characteristics to set down roots in rural and island areas.’

‘These initiatives will aim to support migrants to raise families, create opportunities, and enrich communities in every part of the country – while also helping those communities to welcome, manage and include new residents.’

Once again, we see the powers that be, in this case, the SNP, looking for any excuse to import people into Scotland and not just import them but, as they admit here, subsidise them too.

It is not a viable solution to replace the Scottish residents who live in rural areas. While it may seem like an easy answer, the SNP-proposed solution needs to address the root cause of the problem. Instead, the government should consider allocating the funds that would otherwise be used to subsidise new residents to support Scottish families struggling to make ends meet.

This would enable these families to have children and support themselves financially instead of being forced to leave rural areas for better opportunities. It is essential to prioritise the well-being of existing communities rather than simply importing new residents.

The proposal to provide monetary assistance to immigrants for settling in Scotland and meeting their living expenses implies that the well-being of the Scottish is not a priority for the government. It is important to remember that the Scottish National Party is not managing a business but governing a country with a responsibility towards its people.

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