Home Office asylum sites to cost millions more than hotels.

There was always going to be one fatal flaw in the Government’s policy of importing waves of migrants and dumping them in hotels—space, or lack thereof. The supply of lodging establishments in the UK is finite; therefore, the Home Office has no choice but to get creative. Their solution? Brazenly go all out and create huge, bespoke migrant accommodation sites.

It’s a win-win situation for them. On the one hand, it ensures a continual supply of unvetted foreign nationals who have no desire to integrate or adopt our cultural values. On the other hand, they get to fleece the taxpayer even more than they already do.

Don’t just take our word for it. The National Audit Office (NAO) said the expected bill for four sites will be £1.2bn in the next decade – £46m more than the estimated cost of hotels.

Four “alternative sites” are currently planned: the Bibby Stockholm barge in Dorset, former military sites at Scampton in Lincolnshire and Wethersfield in Essex, and ex-student accommodation in Huddersfield. Only two of the sites have opened so far.

The NAO has completed an audit on the four sites and concluded that by 2034, the projected overall cost will be higher than the estimated hotel bill over the same period. Their report acknowledged that by the end of January this year, the Government had stopped using 60 of the approximately 400 hotels used for migrant accommodation. However, it said the Home Office still expects to spend £3.1bn on private accommodation in the year up to March 2024.

The report also exposed the Home Office’s wasteful spending. In December 2023, it spent £274m on 64,000 hotel beds, but only 45,800 were being used. It had also “lost” at least £3.4m developing sites which were never used, on top of the £230m spent developing the four migrant accommodation sites.

Undeterred, the Home Office said continuing with the “alternative site” plan is “better value for money” than relying on hotels, so clearly, it’s full steam ahead from their point of view.

From the Homeland Party’s point of view, the cheapest solution is to stop the migrants from coming in the first place. The UK has no legal or moral obligation to accept them whatsoever. Don’t buy the Government’s spiel that these young men deserve asylum. After all, how can the Government be so sure that they are fleeing war or persecution when not even the most rudimentary of background checks are being carried out? They can’t.

If ever you needed convincing that our Government despises its people, this migrant spending fiasco is all the proof you need. While our people struggle to make ends meet, the Home Office lavishly adorns foreign nationals with luxury accommodation, nourishment and spending money, courtesy of our taxes.

The Homeland Party would put a moratorium on mass immigration to protect our people and our land and immediately deport foreign criminals back to their country of origin. Public money would be spent judiciously for the benefit of our people.

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