The injustice of ‘hate crime’ laws.

Nobody should be jailed for a perceived ‘hate crime’ when they have done no physical harm to anybody or actual damage to any property. Bias in the justice system is demonstrated when such persons receive custodial sentences while violent and sexual offenders, or indeed those on the left who blatantly promote political violence, walk free. It shows an agenda to quash dissent and make you feel afraid rather than to keep the public safe from harm.

Prosecutions based solely on a perception of hatred will always be subjective and potentially biased, as they do not focus on physical evidence. So, any jury will be unduly influenced. The law should only punish physical crimes, not seek to regulate people’s thoughts and feelings.

We shouldn’t tolerate crime full-stop. But we should also not have to live under the concept that a crime should carry far heavier sentencing when it is perceived to be against a ‘protected characteristic’ or liberal dogma, as this breaches the principle of equality before the law.

Such a concept was alien to English law until the introduction of legislation by the Labour Party, which was later supported and maintained by the Tories. They have criminalised emotion and driven some political discourse underground, so they no longer have any real opposition.

What recent events have shown is that lawful speech, even in private, even in jest or owning a few curiosities, can be used as ‘evidence’ to demonstrate a motive for ‘hate crime’. Make no mistake: they will turn what is a very minor offence into a media circus and use every little thing they can to paint you as a monster to secure a custodial sentence.

The demand for monsters often outstrips the supply, so it suits them to massage the statistics like this as it justifies further changes to the law that will restrict the liberty of every man, woman, and child.

It is a sad fact that we have less freedom of speech than we did 100 years ago; that’s liberal progressivism for you. Have you ever asked yourself what we are progressing towards?

Raising awareness of this injustice is good, but our focus as political activists must be to NEVER play into the hands of liberals who abuse the justice system. Please do not become the stereotype they are looking for. Do not be driven underground. Their ‘evidence’ often amounts to little more than a gossip column, and they rely on us to create that gossip. Encourage others to think smart and not act in this way.

We can be influential in politics by engaging the public in an open, well-reasoned, sensible and civilised way. Openness is key, whether by pursuing the electoral road as a party candidate, spokesman, or activist or by being a political commentator or writer, just like everybody else. We are still free to express how we see the world and voice our discontent, but we must do so with due regard for the biases in the system.

When you understand the limitations of liberal dogma, you can easily undermine its weak and pathetic nature. We can triumph if we try.

[To avoid doubt: I do not approve of stickers or posters; I see them as a form of vandalism or littering. I abhor the use of phrases such as “kill Tory scum”; such phrases and sentiments are uncivilised and should have no place in political discourse. These images were included to raise awareness and illustrate the point.]

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