EU Institute calls for an end to the use of Gendered Language.

The EU has urged legislators and policymakers to abandon ‘gendered language’ including “no man’s land”.

Bureaucrats say the WWI phrase should be replaced with “unclaimed territory”, while “Joe Public” should instead be “average citizen”.

A 61-page document compiled by the European Institute for Gender Equality outlines offending language and provides alternatives.

Titled a “Toolkit on Gender-sensitive Communication”, the bundle advises against terms such as “pushy” and “shrill”, which “ have strong connotations that are strongly associated with only women”.

Instead, the institute recommends “assertive” for the former and “high-pitched” for the latter.

Meanwhile, “virile”, which is considered to be “strongly associated with only men”, should be replaced by “strong or energetic”, according to the paper’s authors.

Legislators, policymakers and the media are also advised to reconsider the order of common phrases such as “King and Queen” or “brother and sister”, where the male of the pair is placed first.“Try swapping the order of these phrases sometimes”, the document suggests

The classic Star Trek line, “To boldly go where no man has gone before”, is also cited as an example where “women may be subject to invisibility or omission.”

This kind of nonsense makes it clear how right the UK was to leave the EU, though sadly, there are those within the British political establishment and civil service who would push this same type of thing on the British people.

With all the issues that are facing citizens of the EU just now, such as the war on their eastern border, the ongoing cost of living crisis and a mass invasion of illegal migrants on the southern and eastern borders, you would think they would have bigger priorities than funded nonsense like this. But it appears not; instead, they are more interested in carrying on a war against the English language and the gender norms that have served us well for centuries,

We must resist those in the wings pushing the UK to reenter the EU. But we must ensure that those in the British establishment who seek to push similar agendas are removed from positions of influence. We regularly see nonsense like this being pushed by people within the civil service, and it is time for reform of that service and the removal of those within it who seek to push political agendas that are harmful to the future of Britain.

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