Councillor resigns after contentious social media post.

A senior Labour councillor has quit the party hours after he was suspended for an “abhorrent” social media post.

Khizar Hussain, who was already under investigation for sectarian chanting, allegedly uploaded a post to social media comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler.

The post was a depiction of Adolph Hitler wearing a mask of Netanyahu with the slogan, “Truly evil people don’t just hurt others. They take pride in the pain they cause and then try to blame their victims.”

Mr Hussain, who was the deputy leader of the Labour group in Walsall, was also condemned by The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, who said, “This post is abhorrent and does nothing but divide communities at a very sensitive time. The image is a clear breach of the International Definition of Anti-semitism, which has been adopted by the Labour Party.”

In his resignation letter, Hussain accused the Labour Party of playing the Muslim community, adding the party was “not safe for anyone with Muslim beliefs.”

Well, it has undoubtedly changed since the days of 2020 when the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party were met with accusations of widespread Anti-Semitism.

And here lies the problem with modern politics: we have seen so much pandering to all ethnic minority communities from all the mainstream parties, especially the Labour Party, that we have now purity spiralled out of control.

As for the Muslims in the UK, current events in the Middle East mean, unfortunately for them, they must burn their victim card as the rules that only ever seemed to apply to the English, Welsh and Scottish are now being more widely implemented.

Mr Hussain is correct; the Labour Party and the broader political system have played Muslims in the UK for fools. Yes, they have, by and large, caved into the whims of political Islam for the purpose of the block vote it can procure coming election day, but unfortunately for the UK’s Muslims, they now have to bend the knee; they too may find themselves charged with a hate crime, they too must stand in silence as they are now not the victims any more!

The saga in the Middle East has held up a mirror to the political left, shattering the illusion of unity painted by Western liberals.

All the minority groups who hang their collective hat on the Labour Party do so out of self-interest, and current events in Gaza have shown how quickly the charade of tolerance and pluralism comes tumbling down.

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