Charity lied to raise funds for the funeral of the London Chemical attacker.

The charity that arranged the funeral of Abdul Ezedi, the man who recently threw a corrosive alkali substance on a former girlfriend and her children in London, is being investigated for using a false name when appealing to raise funds for the funeral.

The Muslim Burial Fund appealed to the public for funds to bury the 35-year-old. Still, the appeal was in the name of “Abdul Wahed”, and it claimed that the man had died “tragically in suspicious circumstances” rather than using his real name and the fact that he had killed himself after carrying out the horrendous attack.

Over £6000 was raised towards Ezedi’s funeral. Still, the fundraising regulator says that it is considering sanctions against the Fund if donors raise complaints after finding out they had been lied to about the person’s real name and the nature of their death. The regulator went on to say that “Fundraising has to be open, transparent, and honest, “and that appears in this case. This appeal was none of these and was, in fact, misleading.

It is worth noting that the funds raised were used to give Ezedi an Islamic Funeral in East London even though one of the main reasons that Ezedi, who was originally from Afghanistan, had finally won his appeals to stay in the UK was that he had converted to Christianity and faced persecution in Afghanistan if returned there. Conversion or the alleged conversion to Christianity seems to be a growing way for “asylum seekers” to claim that they require protection from persecution due to their conversion and the right to stay in the UK. It is an area that requires enhanced scrutiny by the immigration service and courts in the future.

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