Banner drop

West Midlands activists took to the busy M6 this week and demonstrated to motorists Homeland Party’s community message: Put our people first!

Banner drops serve as a visual reminder of a nation’s identity, history, and values, fostering a sense of unity and pride among our people through simple yet effective messaging.

Well received, it was an uplifting event that saw great public support. Dozens of honking onlookers and well-gestured responses signalled that we are not alone in our endeavours.

‘Our people’ Meaning “English” refers to a specific group of indigenous Britons who feel that those in power do not adequately represent them and are experiencing a sense of alienation due to the significant changes within our society.

Demonstrating love and devotion to one’s country is crucial to the Party’s values. One way this can be expressed is through banner drops, which serve as a visible representation of patriotism.

Recognising national symbols can reignite a love for one’s country and motivate individuals to contribute positively to their community and country.

Homeland Party aims to give our people a voice and stand for them while others have turned their backs.

We’re here to make a difference.

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