Homeland Party Code of Conduct

v1.0, 8 May 2023

1. Introduction

The fundamental principle to remember is:

Your behaviour should at all times be a credit to the Party, and must not bring it into disrepute or draw unwanted negative attention to it.

As a member, you are a representative of the Party and you should always consider how your behaviour reflects on the Party. It is your responsibility to follow this Code of Conduct at all times, and if you have any questions or concerns about any part of this document, you should speak with a Party Officer as soon as possible.

We cannot control what you say or how you behave in private, or who you associate with in your private life. Nevertheless, you should always consider yourself a representative of the Party, and follow this Code of Conduct at all times. Keep this in mind when posting on social media, attending events not organised by the Party, participating in comments in livestreams and other social media or chat groups, and so on.

Anybody found to have brought the Party into disrepute may be expelled from the Party and banned from our events. We ask that you listen to all requests made by Party Officers, both at in-person events and online.

Suggestions and improvements regarding this document are always welcome.

2. Dress code

It is important that our members present themselves the right way. This means that we expect you to dress appropriately at all times. Some events may have a specific dress code, and you may be turned away from an event if you fail to follow it.

When interacting with the public, your appearance is as important as your speech. At public events, dress practically for the event but smartly where possible.

Political badges or other paraphernalia in any form must not be worn at any events without prior approval from the National Council. If you have any doubt about whether a symbol or logo is deemed to be inappropriate please speak to a Party Officer before wearing it. This does not apply to officially authorised Party merchandise.

3. Speech and behaviour

While we have the right to freedom of expression in the UK, there are also laws and social etiquette prohibiting certain speech. As such, there are some restrictions on speech at our events and online. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • expressions of hatred towards someone or a group of people on account of their colour, race, sex, disability, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation;
  • the use of racial slurs;
  • encouragement or glorification of terrorism or violence;
  • grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or threatening messages online.

There are potential legal consequences for such speech and so it will not be tolerated either online or at our in-person events.

Threatening or abusive behaviour between members of the Party is unacceptable. We all have strong opinions and can be expected to disagree at times. When you find yourself in a disagreement with another member, it is important not to lose sight of the fact we are on the same team. We expect members of the Party to disagree respectfully, and not to allow minor disagreements develop into arguments.

Besides this, we ask you to exercise common sense and good judgement in your speech and behaviour within the Party. Bear in mind that our number includes people from all walks of life, of all ages, with a wide range of life experiences and attitudes. Some will be offended by vulgar language; others will be confused or put off by constant ironic humour or memes. While our mission is serious, we encourage having a laugh – but consider your audience at all times.

4. Alcohol and illegal substances

Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited at some of our events, such as leafleting or demonstrations. Alcohol may be available at some social events, but alcohol must always be enjoyed responsibly.

Drunkenness at our in-person events is unacceptable, regardless of the event type or venue. When alcohol is available at an event, this Code of Conduct remains in force and “I’d had a lot to drink” will not be accepted as a defence against breaches of the Code of Conduct. Anybody found to have been drunk at any of our events will be asked to leave the event and may be expelled from the Party.

Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at our events and anybody found to have been in possession or under the influence of banned substances at our events will be asked to leave the event and may be expelled from the Party.

5. Privacy

Revealing any personal information about any member of the Party without their consent will not be tolerated. This also means that permission must be sought before taking photographs or videos of people at events, especially if these are to be made public. We are proud of who we are and have nothing to hide; even so, each person is comfortable with a different level of exposure.

At some events you may wish to take photos of the event or your surroundings. While this is acceptable, you should ensure that you do not include people who have not expressly consented to being photographed.

Many of our events will include media teams who are responsible for the photography of our events. The videos and photographs produced by these teams may be used in promotional material. These materials may be printed, posted on our website or used on our social media channels. Any photography produced by the Party’s media teams remains property of the Party and once published will not be unpublished, altered or removed from any of our channels. It is your responsibility to ensure that your media team is made aware if you do not wish to be included in such material.

As a member of the Party, you may be given certain confidential information. This information may not always be clearly marked or labelled as confidential, and may be given to you in writing or verbally. Nobody should ever reveal such confidential information to any external person or group.

Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the content of internal discussions, the whereabouts or timing of events, or the identities of members, officers or activists. If you are unsure as to whether some information is confidential, you should treat it as such and seek clarification from a Party Officer. Any person found to have leaked confidential information to any external person or group for any reason may be expelled from the Party.

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