Immigration Policy

The Homeland Party believes in the principle of a nation-state that preserves our cultural heritage and national identity. Our policies are centred around our beliefs and put the welfare of our people first at all times:

  • We demand a binding referendum on mass migration. Polling shows that people don’t want it. The state has blatantly disregarded the people’s wishes for far too long.
  • We oppose using hotels, military bases, HMOs and other council accommodations to house migrants – house our people first, not the world. Spending taxpayer money on this while our people suffer on the streets is obscene.

A Homeland Party government would legislate to:

  • Put a moratorium on mass immigration to protect our people and our land.
  • Ensure our island nation is defended, using whatever resources are necessary to end migration across the channel and by other routes. All unprocessed migrants shall be returned forthwith.
  • Deport all migrants who commit crimes back to their country of origin without exception.
  • Establish a Right of Return for people with ancestral ties to the country, especially those who have lived abroad for multiple generations in former colonies. This legislation would provide a safe and unhindered option for them to return home whenever threatened.

Mass immigration is unwanted and has always been so, but it has been and still is forced upon us by successive governments. It is unsustainable, and in a country with a declining birth rate, it is the sole driver of unprecedented and destructive overpopulation.

A country is defined by its people, and if you change the people, you inevitably change the country’s nature; it is not just an economic zone. Multiculturalism is a lie; our society is more divided than ever, and our people are becoming increasingly atomised as our sense of identity and belonging is eroded.

We are the custodians of our ancestor’s legacy and sacrifice; we have a duty to preserve our homeland and not condemn future generations to minority status. We do not believe migration enhances our country, nor do we think that any people should be moved around the globe for the benefit of international finance. We have the right to be free of forced integration & forced dissolution into a global mass. Everybody has a right to have a homeland.

In the Governments attempt to accommodate the increasing demands of overpopulation, our country is being concreted over, house prices have skyrocketed, debt has soared, and essential services are overburdened. No state can keep up with such demand. We will always be playing catch up as our people’s standard of living plummets and our environment is destroyed.

Our workers have to compete in a global market, where the pay is barely enough to cover the cost of living, while migrants send that money out of the country where it is worth substantially more. Not only does this remove wealth from the country, but it also undermines the ability of our people to support their families and earn a living as the increased supply of workers drives down the value of their labour.

Thousands of our people have been victims of horrendous crimes ranging from theft and armed robbery to rape and murder. While crime has always been present in our society, it has been made substantially worse by mass immigration, and it is dishonest and unfair to the victims to deny this fact. They should not be sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism while our people are silenced, and the media hides the truth. We have a duty to speak out about it.

The reason why we have mass immigration is because our political leaders are not nationalists. They have put the interests of international finance above the needs of the people of our nation. They represent everyone in the world except us.

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